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2020 Servers Announcement

We are currently working on our 2020 server models. Due to new optimization techniques, we will be able to increase user counts by 50% across all models. This means that most solo practices will be able to use our significantly cheaper micro-server in place of the Standard or Advanced servers.

2020 User Counts:

Micro-server 1-8 Users
Standard Server 1-15 Users
Advanced Server 1-30 Users
Enterprise Server 1-75 Users

2019 User Counts:

Micro-server 1-5 Users
Standard Server 1-10 Users
Advanced Server 1-20 Users
Enterprise Server 1-50 Users

User counts are based on single EHR usage scenarios. If you have Practice Management software or other applications that need to be run simultaneously, user counts may be different. Please contact us to find out more.

The most frequently asked question we are asked is: How many users do I need?

This typically depends on your practice style. If you move a laptop from room to room, then typically a single user per staff member is all that is needed. If you have fixed machines in the Exam Room and don't want to login each time you enter the room, then you would need an additional user for that exam room.

Bear in mind that the latter situation isn't HIPAA compliant. The machine in the exam room should be locked or logged off when not in use so patients can't access medical records. However, we find that many practices want these machines always "logged in", hence an additional user would be required.

Following are two examples of practices that are the same size but have different office layouts.

Practice A: 2 Doctors, 4 MA's

Doctors have a laptop for the exam rooms . MA's have 4 front desk machines and 1 laptop for entering vitals/checking in patients.

A total of 7 user accounts would be required. 2 for the doctors and each of their laptops. 5 for the 4 MA front desktops and 1 laptop. The best choice for this office would be the Microserver.

Practice B: 2 Doctors, 4 MA's

Both doctors have desktops at their desks. MA's have 4 front desk machines, 4 Exam Room machines. Doctor wants to use staff accounts in the Exam Rooms and have them always logged in.

A total of 10 user accounts would be required. 2 for the doctors at their desks. 4 for the front desktops. 4 Additional Staff accounts for each of the exam rooms. In this scenario, the Doctor would've needed to upgrade to the Standard server.

The number user accounts has more to do with how the office practices rather than the actual number of staff members.

Even though both practices have the same number of staff, Practice B has 3 more simultaneous users with dedicated exam room machines. However, if practice B signed in when they entered/exited the exam room (HIPAA), the number of simultaneous users would actually be 6!

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