We remain committed to improving support and providing more streamlined services for our Help Desk users. One such new service is our Device Replacement Program (DRP) for our Help Desk Subscribers. This new program will ensure that all machines in the office are covered in case of failure. Practices will be able to get replacement machines for the price of a service call!
As an update to our June 2018 announcement, our transition from an IT Service Provider to a Managed Service Provider model is now complete. As of January 1, 2020, LT Medical will only offer limited on-demand IT Support to non-subscribers. Our support email and ticket system will be reserved for Help Desk subscribers. Emails/tickets from unregistered users may go unanswered. Non-subscribers must call our support line at 888-285-8812 to open a support case and provide a brief description of the issue.
Support cases are intended for issues that are complex in nature that traditional IT Service providers may not have expertise with: failed virtualization nodes, directory services recovery, firewall/security configuration policies, ransomware/malware, etc. Support cases will be billed at $349 to open a case (90 minutes included) and $169 for each subsequent hour. Routine cases are best handled by local IT Service Providers. Remote services only.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
LT Medical

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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