Due to increased demand for our Help Desk services, we have re-evaluated our on-demand IT support structure. As of June 1, 2018, LT Medical will only offer limited on-demand IT Support to non-subcribers. Our support email and ticket system will be reserved for Help Desk subscribers. Emails/tickets from unregistered users may go unanswered. Non-subscribers must call our support line at 888-285-8812 to open a case.

If you are not currently a registered user in our Help Desk system, you are advised to register an account prior to contacting us: https://LTMedical.net/support/register.php . You are also advised to have any necessary administrative credentials available to expedite your support case.

Non-subscribers will have two options to receive IT Support:

  1. Standard Case - Please contact via phone (888-285-8812) to confirm availability. Standard cases are billed at $149 per hour with a 1-hour minimum. Standard cases are intended for issues that are not time-sensitive. E.g., a single computer is not able to connect to the server. Response within 24-48 hours excluding holidays and weekends.
  2. Emergency Case - Please contact via phone (888-285-8812) to confirm availability. Emergency cases are billed at $299 for the first hour and $149 for each subsequent hour.  Emergency cases are intended for issues that are time-sensitive. E.g., all machines are unable to connect to the server. Response within 2-4 hours excluding holidays and weekends.

We will continue providing IT Services until the end of 2019 (1.5 years) at which point we will be largely a Managed Service Provider. Support cases will still be available however they will be intended for complicated cases where your local IT Service Providers may not have the expertise. This is recommended if you already have a local provider with whom you work. If you wish to have us service your practice, the Help Desk is full-service plan that covers routine and complicated cases. 

Thank you for understanding,
LT Medical

Please be advised that our Help Desk client has been updated. The older version will no longer connect to our servers. If a support case needs to be opened, the Help Desk software will have to be reinstalled. All active subscribers have already been updated with our latest Help Desk software. Older versions will uninstall themselves automatically.

Friday, June 1, 2018

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