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2020 Servers Announcement

We are currently working on our 2020 server models. Due to new optimization techniques, we will be able to increase user counts by 50% across all models. This means that most solo practices will be able to use our significantly cheaper micro-server in place of the Standard or Advanced servers. 2020 User Counts: Micro-server 1-8…
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Technical Differences between Amazing Charts V6.6.7 and Amazing Charts V8.2.2

Introduction: The purpose of this post is to explore the technical differences between Amazing Charts V6.6.7 and Amazing Charts V8.2.2. This post will not cover differences in usability or new features. We will be analyzing performance differences and new processes and services added with the new version.   Methodology: We setup two Virtual Machines both…
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Solutions for Practices with Multiple Offices (Amazing Charts)

The primary goal of this article is to explore the solutions available to Amazing Charts users with multiple locations. As such, the advantages and disadvantages will be focused around multi-site capability as opposed to the issues with general remote access. We have an article that covers types of remote access here. The first thing you…
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