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Best Practices Internet Usage

With the rampant spread of ransomware variants like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall, we recommend users practice safe Internet habits. Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to the issue of ransomware or malware. Many security companies would like you to believe they offer a single solution that is the answer to your problem. However, real-world instances of…
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Fujitsu ScanSnap – Scan Directly to a Folder

Fujitsu's ScanSnap (S1500 or ix500) scanners are a long time favorite of many small businesses and medical practices. They are easy to use and fast. One of the biggest setbacks is a lack of a TWAIN driver, but it's also one of the biggest features. The proprietary ScanSnap driver allows the scanner to detect folded…
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Amazing Charts V8 Hardware Guide [2015]

Below you will find a link to a guide in PDF format that will go over our hardware recommendations for Amazing Charts Version 8+. We know that many users that follow us are DIY'ers or other IT people/companies. There are a number of factors that go into ensuring you have a positive experience when implementing…
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Remote Access: Using Your Computer Out of the Office

There are several remote access methods available for your office. We are going to go over some of these in this article such as LogMeIn, Remote Desktop, and more. When evaluating remote access options. There are 5 main areas on consideration that will go into rating of the solution. The product with the most points…
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