Remote Support

Remote Access: Using Your Computer Out of the Office

There are several remote access methods available for your office. We are going to go over some of these in this article such as LogMeIn, Remote Desktop, and more. When evaluating remote access options. There are 5 main areas on consideration that will go into rating of the solution. The product with the most points…
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Solutions for Practices with Multiple Offices (Amazing Charts)

The primary goal of this article is to explore the solutions available to Amazing Charts users with multiple locations. As such, the advantages and disadvantages will be focused around multi-site capability as opposed to the issues with general remote access. We have an article that covers types of remote access here. The first thing you…
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Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support

Starting April 8, 2014 Microsoft will be cutting all support of windows XP meaning there will be no more security updates to keep your system running fast and safe.

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