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Clearing Old Backups from Amazing Charts

Old backups can be quite large and if you backup your entire database plus imported items daily, it's inevitable that you'll run out of space. Running a simple script can clear the old backups from the Amazing Charts backup folder.
If you open up notepad/your favorite text editor, you can type the following line.


forfiles -p "C:Amazing ChartsBackup" -s -m *.enc* /D -30 /C "cmd /c del @path"

  • "C:Amazing ChartsBackup" is the path to your AC Folder.
  • The 30 means clear files older than 30 days. Adjust accordingly.
  • The *.enc* restricts the deletion to just enc files preventing other undesired deletions.

Then save the file with the extension *.bat, that will create a batch file which you can click to run the script. You can also use the task scheduler to make it run on a daily basis.


Of course, the longer you have been in practice and the more imported items you accumulate, the number of days you'll be able to keep the backups will decrease. A better idea to mitigate this is to make the backup of the imported items incremental and the database completed. Most physicians who have been in practice for over 10 years with Amazing Charts have databases less than 200 Megabytes (MB). The Imported Items can vary significantly. It's a waste of space and processing power to backup Imported Items daily.

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  1. I was able to get the bat file created to delete the ENC Files, however sometime Amazing Charts backups fails and creates a "File Folder" and or a Zip (compressed) files that also take up room. I am also trying to use your template to remove the file folders and compressed folders but have been unsuccessful. I have tried *.file* and *.Zip* with no success.

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