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Amazing Charts V8 Hardware Guide [2015]

Below you will find a link to a guide in PDF format that will go over our hardware recommendations for Amazing Charts Version 8+. We know that many users that follow us are DIY'ers or other IT people/companies. There are a number of factors that go into ensuring you have a positive experience when implementing version 8. These same guidelines apply to older versions. The purpose of this guide is to provide practices (and their IT Support) with some guidelines for determining which hardware is best for your Amazing Charts main computer/server. This guide does not contain specific part numbers as everyone’s needs will be different, and new hardware is released every year.
We also offer our own line of Medical Servers provided by our partner, Lenovo. These are designed for people without existing IT support. These are recommended for busy practices needing something that works out of the box without any tweaks.

Download the Amazing Charts V8 Hardware Guide


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